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Altberg manufacture boots for the police and offer a unique and substantial discount to Federation members. Click the link for more information on boots and discounts
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Welcome to “Bobby Brix”, our new dedicated offering to all our friends in the Police Federations. Over the last 13 years, we have built up a good understanding of the tasks and role officers carry out every day in the fulfillment of their duties. We believe these roles differ widely and footwear that suits one officer may be totally unsuitable for another. With this site we, along with our good friends at HAIX, have tried to offer individual solutions for the many different tasks officers carry out on a day to day basis. We have used all our experience and knowledge to recommend the ideal boot for the specific role. We try our best to explain why one boot may be more suitable than another, in terms of its features, and the role for which it was intended.

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 Professional Assistance

Police Firearms Officers' Association

The PFOA was created to support all those involved in UK Armed Policing and their families. Armed Policing has developed and evolved in recent years and PFOA membership is now open to Taser Officers. The PFOA see Taser Officers as the AFO's of the future. PFOA is managed by a mixture of serving and retired firearms officers, with many years of experience and extensive knowledge. The PFOA offer a unique package of support for members and their families and is supported by the National Police Chiefs Council, Police Superintendents Association of England and Wales, Police Federation of England and Wales and the College of Policing.

PFOA provides unique and discreet welfare support to officers and their families, which includes access to more than 200 counsellors, eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing therapy EMDR – a psychotherapy approach for the treatment of trauma, and Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT.)  There are also 20 PFOA coaches who specialise in neuro-linguistic programming and emotional freedom techniques.



The PFOA gained official Charity Status in December 2010. Our Charity number is 1139247


Further information, and details of how to join the PFOA can be found on their website - PFOA: Police Firearms Officers Association



The  24/7 support line is 0800 206 1752