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 No1 Copper Pot Credit Union

A Credit Union exclusively for the Police

No1 CopperPot Credit Union offers savings, loans and mortgages exclusively for the Police Family.

Are you looking to save?

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Are you looking to borrow?

  • Apply to borrow up to £25,000 unsecured as soon as you join
  • Loan applications are based on your affordability, not your credit score alone.
  • No representative loan rates - the rate you see IS the rate you get
  • Loans can be repaid direct from your payroll
  • Repay your loan at any time with no added cost or hidden fees

You can read about our loans by clicking here. 

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IMPORTANT: You could be owed a tax refund

If you pay tax, there’s a fairly high chance you’ve paid too much!

Over 1 in 3 taxpayers have paid more tax than they needed to after being given the wrong tax code by HMRC. For serving Police Officers, the figures are even higher, with more than 1 in 2 paying too much!

If you know what to look for you might be able to spot where HMRC has sent you or your employer the wrong codes in the last 4 years and then sort the problem yourself. If not, Dyfed Powys Police Federation are working in conjunction with The Tax Refund Company again and are pleased to offer you the opportunity to receive a professional tax code review, by their leading tax code experts. They will check the tax you’ve paid in the last 4 years and get your money back from HMRC if you’ve paid too much.

Over 46,000 serving police employees have already taken advantage of this service, with over 1 in 2 finding out they had paid too much tax..

This is the most cost-effective way to find out if you have paid too much tax. There is no charge for checking your tax code. If you get a refund, we deduct 38% and return 62 pence in the pound to you (min. fee £38). If there is no refund, there is no fee, so you cannot lose.

* Dog handlers in particular are frequently found to have paid too much tax

To find out if you are due a refund click here

This is your hard earned money. Why let The Revenue keep it?

* If your refund is under £38, the minimum fee will be reduced to the same value as your refund so you have nothing more to pay.