World Health Day: Look after your wellbeing

Members are being encouraged to read a free guide that has been created to help officers look after their wellbeing.

The downloadable guide is full of information, covering physical and mental health, as well as techniques on how to improve wellbeing.

Created by Police Mutual, the launch of the guide coincides with World Health Day which falls annually on 7 April.

Dyfed Powys Police Federation wellbeing lead Dai Gaskins says there is no better time than now for officers to be focussing on their health.

“It’s been a challenging year for everyone so it’s more important for us to spend time looking after ourselves, both physically and mentally,” Dai added.

“We’re all guilty of not prioritising our own wellbeing so campaigns like World Health Day provide a gentle reminder to do just that.

“I hope all members take time out to have a read of this handy guide. Even if they don’t think they support, I’m sure they’ll find a lot of the information provided useful.”

Each World Health Day has a different theme with this year’s being ‘to build a fairer and healthier world’. 

“Sometimes, people forget that finances, nutrition, or even a good night’s sleep can have an impact on our health but this guide highlights that,” said Dai.

“The guide also provides a whole host of techniques to help people improve their mental and physical health, as well as look out for those close to us.”

Read the guide.