â€˜Do one thing’ to help mental health

With World Mental Health Day approaching, Dyfed Powys Police Federation is calling on members to do “just one thing” to help themselves and others with their mental health.

The appeal is inspired by Mind’s “Do One Thing” campaign, which is also encouraging blue light services to “do one thing” to promote better mental health.

Later this autumn, Mind’s Blue Light Programme will run a campaign aimed at challenging the stigma that often prevents emergency services workers from talking about their mental health.

Ahead of World Mental Health Day on Sunday (10 October), Dyfed Powys Police Federation’s wellbeing lead Dai Gaskins said: “It’s no secret that the past few years have had a huge impact on mental health within policing. The service has been tested like never before, and I’m proud of how we’ve all stepped up to the demands of the pandemic.

“But that effort can come at a huge cost, one that’s often unseen as mental health issues can still carry a huge stigma. This ‘Do One Thing’ campaign is a great opportunity to get started thinking more positively about what you can do to promote good mental health and wellbeing for yourself and others.”

According to the Police Federation of England and Wales’ July 2021 Pay and Morale Survey, 69 per cent of respondents reported they have experienced difficulties with their mental health and wellbeing over the past 12 months, either caused or exacerbated by work.

However, just 22 per cent of them had subsequently sought help.

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