Federation calls for multi-year funding settlement

The secretary of Dyfed Powys Police Federation fears inflationary pressures will swallow up a large part of the increase in policing’s funding allowance from the Government.

Now Roger Webb has added his voice to calls for urgent reform of the way the funding is handled to a multi-year financial settlement rather than yearly announcements.

Roger’s comments came as the Government revealed its financial commitment to policing for the forthcoming financial year was going up £1.1 billion from the previous 12-month period to a total of £16.9 billion.

But Roger said: “Policing, like everything else, is subject to the wider inflationary pressures of the economy so a large chunk of that pay rise will be taken up with higher energy and fuel bills.

“And we’ve also got an increase in employer National Insurance contributions on the horizon.

“Over the last decade policing has been squeezed and squeezed and squeezed. Now, as a result, investment is needed in infrastructure, equipment, training, the list goes on.

“However, this deal will only scratch the surface of what’s needed and only allows forces to plan on a short-term basis.

“We need more investment in policing and we need a multi-year settlement that allows police chiefs to take a long-term look at what’s needed.”

Roger Webb has warned inflationary pressures will swallow up a large part of policing’s funding allowance

Police Federation national vice-chair Ché Donald echoed Roger’s call.

He said: “As the Government announces the 2022/23 funding settlement for policing, the Police Federation of England and Wales continues to call for a more sustainable multi-year settlement, rather than year upon year funding.

“The Government must consider a sustained multi-year funding settlement for policing, which will allow forces to make long-term strategic plans to respond to the changing nature of crime and support communities.

“The ability to plan past the next year will enable forces to achieve better procurement deals and to see overall costs come down.

“Without the ability to search for better deals due to the uncertainty of what is to come year after year, the 2022/23 marginal increase will get lost in the high day to day costs that forces are currently incurring.

“One-year financial settlements do not work and forces shouldn’t have to operate on a ‘hand-to-mouth’ basis.

“Over the last decade, the police service has been hit hard by budget cuts and it needs more than a one-year cash injection to put things right. What is desperately needed is long-term, genuine investment in policing.”