Fed set to increase subs by small amount

The Police Federation of England and Wales needs to increase member subscriptions by a small percentage so that it can continue to provide the very best service to members, says the chair of the Dyfed Powys branch.

But Gareth Jones said everyone who supported a conference motion on the increase felt it was a tough decision to make, since they were mindful of the financial difficulties many members were facing.

“Federation subs have not been increased for around a decade now and in that time the costs of many of the services provided have increased considerably along with the cost of running Federation buildings and so on,” says Gareth.

“What I would really like to stress to members is that this will be a small increase. It will be in line with any increase in officers’ salaries as announced by the Government for 2022/23 and will only increase if there is a pay rise.

“I would also like to remind all members that we are here to offer support and if members are struggling with their finances, please get in touch. We appreciate that money worries can have a real impact on officers’ mental wellbeing.”

After the conference motion was supported a Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) statement was issued.

It said: “With the current cost of living crisis, last year’s pay freeze and without knowing if our members will receive an increase in their pay this year or not, now is not the time to increase Police Federation of England and Wales subscriptions.

“PFEW, however, is also facing increased costs. Soaring inflation, upcoming litigation and the financial health of our National Reserves Fund means we need to at least start to have an open and honest conversation on this subject with Federation representatives to make sure that there is a strong, viable Federation fighting for our members for years to come.”

The Federation said the conference gave the perfect opportunity to open the conversation surrounding subscription rates, which have only increased once in the last decade.

The statement continued: “On such an important issue, PFEW took the view conference delegates should be given the opportunity to hear the rationale for any proposed future increase in subscriptions immediately.

“We care passionately about the views of our members which is why hearing from delegates at conference – their representatives – on this matter was vital. On that basis, it was agreed to bring a motion to conference this year for discussion.”

The conference motion looked at future options for an increase in subscriptions on the basis that it would only be introduced once it has been confirmed by the Government that members will receive a pay increase.

As a result of the motion, the conference supported increasing the rate of all types of Federation subscriptions effective from 1 September 2022, in line with the percentage uplift to police pay for 2022/2023.