Police Care UK – Force Ill-Health Retirement Commitment’

You may be aware of the ‘Police Care UK – Force Ill-Health Retirement Commitment’, which we launched to all UK forces and the public on the 1st September 2022.

This Ill-Health Retirement Commitment was developed through feedback and advice from our beneficiaries who came to us seeking peer support, as they went through the IHR and Injury on Duty process themselves.

Our commitment does not seek to change the process, but rather offers options on improving engagement, and seeks to challenge common cultures around Ill-Health retirement and Injury on Duty processes.

We have developed this commitment in collaboration with a few UK Police forces, Federation Reps in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, and representatives from the Police Superintendent’s Associations, National Association of Retired Police Officers, and Injury on Duty Pensioners Association, all of which have contributed to the ultimate document seen here today.

You can view and download our official Ill-Health Retirement Commitment here:https://www.policecare.org.uk/get-help/ill-health-retirement-commitment/

We hope this document will enable individuals and forces involved in this process to better support their colleagues and employees, and we would encourage all forces and associations to utilise this resource alongside their ill-health and injury on duty processes. 

Our ambition is that the spirit of this commitment forms a substantial part of the response to the Police Covenant, which all forces are being asked to sign up to.

On 1st September 2022, Andy Rhodes, Director of the National Police Wellbeing Service says, “I am delighted to see Police Care UK’s Ill Health Retirement Commitment being launched today and would encourage it’s application across policing. We know from our research that the process can often be put before the person which can have a significant negative health impact on individuals who are already unwell. This is such a serious issue that the National Well Being Service has identified it as a priority for the new Chief Medical Officer funded by the Police Covenant. The Police Care UK Ill Health Retirement Commitment will be the main reference document for the review.”