Maternity leave ahead? Read new guide

The Police Federation has published a new maternity guide and calculator to help members work out their entitlements and pay.

The booklet tells members what to  expect during pregnancy, while on maternity leave and on their return to work. It also covers the range of entitlements available to partners. 

Members can accurately calculate their pay by entering certain information on dates and they can also look at scenarios in which longer periods of leave might be needed such as a premature birth pregnancy-related sickness in the weeks prior to their due date.

The Police Federation has produced a guide to maternity leave

Dyfed Powys Police Federation chair Gareth Jones said: “I think our members will find the maternity guide and calculator extremely useful. 

“It has been created to allow members to work out their maternity pay to the last penny because it can be quite a complex calculation.

“Police officers receive police maternity pay and statutory maternity pay but only get police maternity leave and not statutory leave so the sums can be difficult.

“Members can also contact us here at the branch office for information, help and advice.”

Find out more about the maternity guide and calculator.

Contact Dyfed Powys Police Federation for help and advice.