Federation meets Welsh MPs to press for positive change

Dyfed Powys Police Federation has met with the Secretary of State for Wales David Davies and local MPs Ben Lake, Jonathan Edwards, Craig Williams and a representative of Fay Jones at the UK Parliament.

Branch chair Gareth Jones was part of a delegation from Welsh Federations and the national Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) to attend a drop-in event at the House of Commons on 12 June, hosted by Rt Hon David Jones, MP for Clwyd West.

Gareth said: “We took the opportunity to discuss our members' current concerns, around pay and the cost of living. And the Federation drew attention to three ongoing campaigns which have fairness for our members at their heart.

Elizabeth Medal

“These were the #SimplifyDG6, where we are seeking to reduce the unnecessary and burden of paperwork involved in pre-charge stage of a case which is so time-consuming for our colleagues. We also pressed for the Elizabeth Medal, which would be awarded to the families of fallen officers, and our Time Limits campaign which is pressing for an end to open-ended misconduct investigations which leave our colleagues in limbo and are damaging to mental health and force resilience.

“In each case, the MPs listened and hopefully took on board what we had to say. It’s important to build these relationships so that the Federation can help bring about the changes our members need.”

Secretary of State for Wales, David Davies

In 2018 the Federation's national Protect the Protectors campaign resulted in a doubling of sentences for assaults on emergency services workers, demonstrating that forging strong cross-party connections can pay dividends.

Additionally, the Police Crime Courts and Sentencing Act 2022 included provisions campaigned for by the Federation, including the police covenant, greater protection in law for police drivers and allowing Special Constables to join the membership.

Welsh Lead Nicky Ryan was present along with the Federation’s national chair Steve Hartshorn and deputy national chair Tiff Lynch.

Honest conversations

Nicky added: “Face-to-face engagement with politicians is crucial if we want to get our voices heard - and what’s great about drop-in events like this is, there are no cameras there, no media, it’s a space to have those honest and open conversations.

“And it gives Police Federation representatives the chance to hear about the concerns and issues had by members of the public too. Of course, we have our own priorities and so do MPs - it’s so easy to become tunnel-visioned with our own agendas.

“Having honest conversations with one another gives us all the chance to discuss both local and national issues that need to be addressed.”

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