â€˜Offensive’ t-shirts: Fed asks Amazon to act

The national chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales has said he is disgusted that Amazon is selling ‘deeply offensive’ t-shirts featuring the logo ‘Blue lives murder’.

John Apter has written to Doug Gurr, managing director of Amazon in the UK, demanding that he immediately halts the sale of the t-shirts which also feature a graphic suggesting police brutality.

He explains: “In recent weeks, we have rightly praised my colleagues for their outstanding bravery and courage and for saving lives. I was therefore disgusted to see these products being sold on an Amazon platform. These items are deeply offensive, not only to police officers but to many members of the public.

“I have raised this matter directly with the Home Secretary and she is as appalled as the entire police family is about these products.”

John adds: “The ball is now firmly in Amazon’s court and I am asking the company to do the right thing and remove them from sale immediately.”

Roger Webb, secretary of Dyfed Powys Police Federation, has backed the national Federation chair’s efforts to stop the t-shirt being sold via Amazon.

“It is hard to believe that these t-shirts are being produced, let alone being sold on Amazon,” says Roger, “At a time when police officers across England and Wales have been working tirelessly as part of the response to the pandemic, putting their own health at risk to help protect their communities, this just feels like a massive insult to them all.”